What is Asperger's Syndrome?

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Quoted From: https://magnoliabehaviortherapy.com/aspergers-therapy/

"Asperger"s Syndrome is a developmental disorder that can make it hard for young children to relate to others socially, as well as affect their behavior and thought patterns in a way that causes their thinking to become rigid and repetitive. Statistically, boys are four times more likely to develop Asperger"s than girls.
Many children and teens with Asperger"s Syndrome can effectively speak with others and can meet basic goals academically, though they might still have trouble understanding social situations. This includes things like reading subtle forms of communication such as body language, humor, and the nuances of sarcasm or irony.
Children with Asperger"s Syndrome may also think obsessively and talk a lot about one topic or interest sacrificing other activities. These obsessive thought patterns can exponentially start to interfere with everyday life. In time, it can significantly hamper their healthy social skills and limit their recreational outlets."

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