5 Preventive Steps You Can Take for Your Child's Best Oral Health

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Preventive dentistry is most successful when parent, child, and dentist work together and practice these 5 steps for the best oral health.
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"We all want what"s best for our kids, and preventive steps can help protect their oral health.
Parents will do whatever it takes to protect their children. But parents don"t know everything, and sometimes we don"t see the importance of preventive dentistry to keep our children healthy and their teeth strong. Thankfully, taking care of our kids" oral health isn"t all that complicated. With just 5 preventive steps, we can set our kids on the path for good habits when they are older, thus lowering the risk for periodontitis and cavities.

5 Preventive Steps for Your Child"s Best Oral Health
If you want to help protect your child and their oral health, the best thing you can do is start early. Children learn by watching others, so when you take care of your teeth and your oral health, they will be far more likely to adopt those best practices as they get older and grow more independent. But aside from having your child learn by what you do, there are a few other preventive steps that you should take. Check out this list of 5 preventative measures for your child"s best oral health.

1. An Apple a Day
We are what we eat, so swap out sugary foods for foods rich in fiber, like apples, carrots, and celery. When we eat foods that aren"t good for us, our bodies pay the price. One of the best things we can do for our kid"s oral health and overall health is to switch out sugary foods for fiber-rich snacks. Sugary foods not only put us at greater risk for weight gain, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, acne, and more, but they are also quite harmful to our teeth. On the other hand, fiber-rich foods can reduce blood sugar spikes and cholesterol and get the saliva flowing, which can help protect the gums and teeth.

2. Fluoride Varnish
A fluoride varnish is a great dental treatment for kids. Fluoride varnish is entirely safe and can help prevent tooth decay. Though it cannot wholly prevent cavities, the use of fluoride treatment in combination with proper brushing and flossing is a great best practice. Fluoride varnish is applied by your kids" dentist and can be done two to four times per year, depending on how likely it is for your child to develop a cavity.

3. Seal of Approval
Before we get into the importance of sealants, it is essential to know that dental sealants and fillings are not the same things. Dental sealants can help prevent tooth decay from forming as they provide a physical barrier to the teeth. This plastic resin that comprises the sealant sits on the surface of the rear teeth. The resin bonds to the tooth enamel, creating an effective and durable barrier that helps keep plaque from forming and food debris from accumulating."

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