7 Things About Massage Your Boss Wants To Know

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Quoted From: https://bodywellnessinc.com/masage/7-things-massage-boss-wants-know/

"1. Massage makes you a faster worker. There was a study done in 1996 with a group of adults. They were asked to complete a series of math problems after having a 15-minute chair massage. They completed the problems faster and more accurately than another group of adults who were told to relax in a chair for 15 minutes. I kid you not.

2. Massage makes you a happy employee. In 2010 a bunch of researchers that research stuff like this got together to examine the research that another bunch of researchers had already researched over the years. They "discovered" that in all 17 pieces of research (count "em, S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N!) it was noted that people getting massages got relief from depression. Whew!

3. Massage can get your boss a raise. Now this should be of great interest to him or her. There was a study albeit a small one published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. This study found women with mildly elevated blood pressure had a greater reduction in their readings after three 10-minute massages a week (10 sessions total). This was compared with women who were just told to "relax" for awhile (like that ever works SMH). If your boss makes this whole thing her/his idea, the company will see a reduction in work-related strokes and heart attacks and, therefore, employee health insurance rates. And, baby, that"s a win-win.

4. Massage helps employees who have been burned by spilled coffee. In the March 2014 issue of the journal Burns, a study appeared proving that burn rehabilitation massage therapy eased the pain, itching and scar characteristics of raised scars caused by coffee burns. Okay. It was just regular burns and didn"t have anything to do with coffee, but you get my drift.

5. Massage keeps older employees from "falling down" on the job. Yep. It improves balance, neurological, and cardiovascular measures in older adults. Now the great news here is that the massage therapy has to last for six (count "em S-I-X) weeks. That"s according to research published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, where it was reported that older adults who receive massage therapy for "up to six weeks" could see an improvement in balance and stability. Okay, so it was "up to six weeks" not "at least six weeks." Just white out that last part before your boss reads this.

6. Massage curbs absenteeism (but not enthusiasm wink, wink). Multiple studies, although often small (again with the "small"remember size shouldn"t matter), have linked massage to a better functioning immune system. In a 2010 study, yet another bunch of researchers found that massage actually increased white blood cells. And those little suckers are real disease fighters!

7. Massage is good for bosses, too. Well, duh."

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