Abundant Life Center - A congregationally lead New Thought Spiritual Community

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"ALC is a nonprofit corporation registered in Washington State in 1992.

The initial vision of Abundant Life Center came to Rev. Jenna Watkins during a silent retreat in November, 1992. Jenna experienced being directed by Spirit to begin a New Thought Church. Jenna asked Spirit to show the way.

Shortly thereafter, Rev. Jenna spoke with her friend and fellow seeker Dwile Heggem. Much to Dwile"s surprise, and with no previous notion, he asked Jenna to help start a New Thought Church in Vancouver. Recognizing the voice of Spirit, Jenna agreed without hesitation. On January 3, 1993, Rev. Jenna, Dwile, and his wife, Barbara, convened the first church gathering at the Heggem"s home in Ridgefield, Washington.

Dwile began receiving what he referred to as the "4:00 AM Revelations," guidance and insight to move the vision forward. Vancouver New Thought Community Church was established, and the first formal Sunday service was held May 2, 1993.

In 1995, Rev. Julie Applegate was hired as Senior Minister, the name was changed to Abundant Life Center (ALC), and continuous growth led to the leasing of a full time space.

In 2009, ALC became a congregationally led New Thought Spiritual Community, with a Guiding rather than Senior Minister. A Spiritual Leadership Team of lay members was established to work with the Guiding Minister.

In 2017 we began operating on a totally volunteer basis. The Spiritual Leadership Team and Board of Trustees continue to plan the Sunday Services and other activities with the aid of the congregation.

As an independent New Thought church, Abundant Life Center has experienced moves, growth, changes in leadership, evolution of our intentions, and growing clarity about our beliefs. We honor all the leaders who have supported our life as a spiritual community."

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