Allergy Treatment - Simple & Painless

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"Would you like to get outside and start enjoying the world again...even in spring and summer?

Would you like to have more variety in your hypoallergenic diet?

Would you like to ease heartburn, get of IBS, or decrease appetite?

All of these can be accomplished through allergy treatment. Dr. Wagner uses a combination of NAET and other acupressure methods to change your body's reaction to environmental allergens. In addition, the sinuses, the stomach or intestines can have a weakness due to viruses or other things that weaken the organ and it's ability to function properly. Acupressure can restore the natural function of the organs.

Allergy testing is done in office with an easy, no needle procedure. We can test allergies to foods, food additives, inhaled allergens, medications, and more. Testing has been done in our office on patients as young as one month old and as young at heart as age 85.

Call the office for an initial visit to get tested and start treatment! (See home page for phone number and other office information.)

Winter is the best time to treat Spring allergies, but you can come in any time to get treated."

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