Applied Kinesiology: Muscle Testing for Optimized Treatment

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In applied kinesiology I use a muscle (usually your deltoid) and test how well your nervous system is firing that muscle. To test this I have you hold your arm out and I press down gently. You resist my pressure to hold your arm steady. If your nervous system is firing properly then the muscle engages quickly and there is no "wobble". However, if something is hindering your nervous system then I feel a "wobble" in your arm. Through pressing different acupressure points and testing different supplements on your body I can use this testing to see which treatments strengthen your nervous system.

Muscle testing through Applied Kinesiology allows me to evaluate which organ systems are most out of balance in your body, getting to the root cause of your symptoms. I utilize muscle testing to help confirm which therapies will be most effective for you and then provide the most efficient treatment plan for your body."

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