At-Home DNA Tests: Are They a Reliable Method for Cancer Risk Assessment?

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"If you have ever considered finding out more about your genetics, there are a variety of different companies that have been providing at-home services for more than a decade! Genetic testing has become increasingly popular and not just for people. You can even have your dog tested to determine lineage and other information. However, human DNA testing is increasingly used to help identify potential risk factors for a variety of different conditions from the comfort of your own home.

With the recent shift to doing so many things from home, at-home genetic testing to understand your risk of developing a hereditary cancer seems like it would be ideal. But is it? Here we'll look more closely at home DNA tests that identify risk factors for cancer or any other genetic diseases.

DNA testing has become so widespread that it is simply commercially available. While it may sound as though an at-home test would be ideal, there are some pros and cons.

Are At-Home DNA Tests Helpful or Harmful?
Some of the pros of at-home DNA testing is the convenience, affordability and privacy of the tests. And, they"re easily accessible from several sources, even Amazon.

Although these tests may be able to provide you with valuable information regarding your risk of getting cancer or other diseases, the results can be misleading, hard to interpret, and at times very overwhelming. One of the considerable disadvantages of at-home DNA testing is that the test kits don"t come with a medical professional to help you sort out what the results mean.

Not Enough Information to Make a Full Assessment
Home genetic test results may show that you have a specific gene mutation. Unfortunately, in many of these products, this is a simple yes or no, but the reality is that there are many other factors that you need to consider so that you can understand your actual cancer risk. A trained genetic counselor like the one at Compass Oncology, assesses risk based on the results and other factors that may lead to particular types of cancer."

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