Benefits of Seated Chair Massage

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"The Workplace

Chair massage is convenient, requires little down time, produces
immediate results, and is enjoyable. With enhanced productivity, mental
and physical well being, company morale goes up and burnout is reduced.
In as little as 10 minutes, your muscles relax, your circulation
improves, and you"ve got a fresh outlook on your day.

Benefits of Seated Chair Massage
Helps relieve mental and physical stress
Relieves muscle tension and stiffness Enhances calm thinking and
Promotes a state of mental alertness
Improves posture
Reduces mental exhaustion (burnout)
Increases mind-body awareness
What we provide:
Licensed and Insured Massage Therapist(s)
Massage equipment and supplies
Sign-up sheet
What you provide:
Corporate contact
Location, place to set-up
Internal promotion"

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