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"If you are looking for a Certified BodyTalk practitioner in Vancouver WA or Portland OR area, I"m happy to assist you as a BodyTalk practitioner for HANDS-ON SESSIONS.

I also provide BodyTalk session REMOTELY (either by phone or by Skype, FaceTime or Messenger) for clients who cannot leave the house due to the physical condition, and for those who live out of town and in foreign countries.

I"m a Japanese speaker, so I can provide BodyTalk sessions in Japanese as well.

On this page, you will learn;

1) My ROLE as a BodyTalk practitioner

2) What do you Expect from BodyTalk session?

3) What do my BodyTalk Clients say?

4) How to Set Up an Appointment

5) What to do prior to having a session

6) What To Do on the Date of the BodyTalk Session

7) What you can do After the session

My Role as a BodyTalk practitioner
As a Bodytalk practitioner, I"d like to make sure that your experience (Healing process / Transformation process) is as comfortable as possible.

I serve as an navigator, guide, messenger and/or interpreter between the Body"s Innate Wisdom and Your Body.

My role as a BodyTalk practitioner is to help you

1) recognize that your Mind is very powerful and it can influence your body-mind connection,

2) identify where the lack of communication (or energy block) within the body-mind complex is situated and the possible reason,

3) release fear/trauma/limited belief (that can be the cause of energy blocks) to unlock the door to promote healing, and

4) wake up the body-mind and harmonize the body"s communication system.

As the end result, you can experience SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS in many aspects of your life.

Thanks to the shift, you may be relieved from physical, mental and emotional discomfort. And, RELATIONSHIP between you and others (family members, friends, boss, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) can be improved naturally.

A couple of sessions can help promote enough shift to TRANSFORM and HEAL.

My PASSION is to share that YOU CAN CHANGE and HEAL YOUR BODY. If you haven"t changed, you just didn"t know how or didn"t know the effective way to change and heal. That"s all.

Together, you will learn how to live a better life."

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