Chair massage is great for small to large sized groups

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"Our chair massage packages are designed for companies with 10 or more employees. We have our licensed and insured massage therapist come out with a massage chair usually set up in a break room or office that people can sit on and relax into the face cradle and have 10 to 15 minutes of relaxation or if they have an injured area we can focus their time on the injury and help them be more productive employees.

Or if you would like to keep your cost down from work related injuries, we can set up a day where we come out to your location and work on injured employees before it gets too bad and they have to file a claim. We bring a table and set up in a break room or office. It"s designed to help prevent serious injuries and will help keep employees from being out long term. We can set up a weekly or monthly program that will be an added benefit to you and your employees. Usually we will work with injured employees for about 30mins to 1hr each. Minimum of 4hrs per visit.

The many benefits of chair massage
Increases circulation and the flow of nutrients throughout the body
Reduces muscular tension that can lead to chronic pain
Stimulates lymphatic tissues thereby flushing out toxins
Helps to relieve muscle stiffness and stress-induced tension
Releases endorphins (feel-good hormone) into the blood stream
Reduces fatigue, anxiety and depression
Helps provide better quality of sleep
Helps reduce injury like carpel tunnel or back injuries from overuse or repetitive strain"

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