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Children turn into adults in the blink of eye. As a result, their bodies are constantly growing as they face growing pains affecting their back and muscles. To ensure your children don"t start experiencing serious back pain or develop underlying conditions that will linger into adulthood it is imperative to pick a backpack that will relieve excess pressure from their back. Your chiropractor in Vancouver has a few suggestions.

The easiest way to get your children to buy into carrying a lighter backpack, we all know children think they need to take everything under the sun to school, make it a daily challenge. Put a weighing scale in the restroom and tell you child that only the healthiest of kids are able to keep their backpacks under 10 pounds. For teenagers, this number can be increased by about 5 pounds. For children about 80 pounds, an 8 pound backpack is recommended.

Overstuffed backpacks can lead to:

Poor circulation
Bad posture
Back Pain
Muscle irregularities
To accustom your child to carry a backpack with the right posture, recommend these tips.
Bend at the knee when picking it up

Do not use a twisting motion
Use both straps
Adjust straps if necessary
A good backpack tends to have these features:

Two Straps

Having only one strap tends to distribute the weight unevenly across the body and can lead to irregular curvatures of the spine.

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