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"It is no surprise that most of us suffer from body pain at some point in our lives. Whether this is tension the shoulders from working on a computer for too long, or low back pain from sitting in a chair all day, the lack of consistent circulation to a part of the body does not feel good. Called "blood stagnation" in Chinese medicine, this common pattern of disharmony is notorious for causing the chronic pain that so many of us experience on a regular basis.

Cupping is a therapy in which suction is created on the skin to reinvigorate blood flow and reduce circulatory stagnation. Often known for the characteristic circles that are left on the skin after treatment, cupping is a great way to reduce tension, particularly of the back and neck, and to alleviate pain.

Cupping is particularly suited to help alleviate symptoms of the following:

Chronic and acute pain

Body pain from illness

Muscle tension


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