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We provide depression treatment at our Vancouver, Washington facility. If you or a loved one need depresson help, contact Rainier Springs 24/7.
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"Depression is a mental illness that affects what you think, feel, and do. Among other things, depression can cause feelings of hopelessness. You may have lost interest in activities you once enjoyed. Depression can make you tired or can even cause physical pain.

It can be hard to see a way out of depression.

But there is hope. Depression is a treatable illness, and we can help.

What Is Depression?
Depression, sometimes referred to as major depressive disorder or clinical depression, is more than sadness, although that"s one possible symptom. And it"s different from the grief that sometimes follows loss.

Depression Symptoms
Typically, depression lasts at least two weeks and includes some of these symptoms:

Depressed mood feeling sad, empty, or hopeless most of the day, nearly every day
Diminished interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities
Weight loss or gain
Sleeping too little or too much
Being so restless or moving so slowly that others notice
Fatigue or loss of energy
Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
Trouble concentrating
Thoughts about death or suicide
Keep in mind there are several kinds of depression, and your symptoms may look different from someone else"s. Your depression treatment plan will look different, too.

What Does Depression Treatment Look Like?
Programs that provide treatment for depression typically include a combination of talk therapy and medication.

Medications such as antidepressants and mood stabilizers can help regulate the chemicals in your brain, providing some relief from your symptoms. However, medication alone usually isn"t the answer to depression.

There are several kinds of therapy shown to help with depression. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which can help you learn healthy behaviors and new patterns of thinking, is among the most effective. Many people with depression benefit from other types of holistic therapies as well, including music, yoga, art, and pet therapy."

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