Ear Candles: Truths, Myths, and Our Experience

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Ear candles get rid of wax and other stuff from inside your ears right? Right? Read about our candling experience and learn from the research we did.
Quoted From: https://www.diynatural.com/ear-candles/

"I will humbly share a funny story with you today. If you promise not to laugh. Promise? PROMISE?

We took someone else"s word for it. This always gets us in trouble.

Matt and I were in the health food store standing over a display of ear candles. You know the ones? People talk about all the disgusting junk that comes out of their ears, how clean their ears feel afterward, and how well they can hear. We had heard all of this, but never did any research on the benefits or tried them ourselves.

We laugh all the time about feeling like an old 80-something year old couple who can"t hear each other. "What"s that?" "Come again?" "Huh?" It"s frustrating and funny at the same time and we stood there wondering if the ear candles would finally deliver us from the "feeling-much-older-than-we-actually-are" syndrome we"ve been suffering from for several years.

Low and behold, an unsuspecting shopper minding her own business. As she grabbed for a few packages of the candles yup, we thought we had found our potential "expert testimonial" for the product and we fired away with an arsenal of questions.

We were convinced to purchase after she told us how long she had been using them, how well they cleaned her ears out, and how safe they were. (And really, I just wanted to see what repulsive goo would remain in my candle after the treatment. I"m gross like that.)

Our first ear candling experience
We set up a small station, watched the YouTube instructional video to make sure we didn"t burn the house down, and got out the camera. (Yes, I had intended to write a super serious piece on ear health and the superhuman hearing abilities I would have after ear candling complete with pictures.)

"Yay! I"m going to hear better after this, right?"

After getting over the fear that my candle was going to burn too quickly and catch my hair on fire if Matt took his eyes off me, I was able to relax. The candle created a warm feeling in my ear. The slight crackle almost sounded like a cozy fireplace. I almost dozed off. With a small torch burning over my head. (Probably the exact reason the instructions strongly suggest using TWO people for this.)

We had a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon as we lit small fires on our couch, just above our very flammable hair, and awaited the promised results."

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