Feeling Exhausted by Someone in Your Life?

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"Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

1. Every time you call your mother, she is complaining about something in her life. When you try to give her constructive feedback to help her out, she believes it's not her, but everyone else that's against her and causing her constant strife. 80% of her stories are made up in her head and she is paranoid that every one is out to get her. You're the only one she trusts. If you ever turn against her, she says she might as well die. Every call is filled with negativity and when you hang up, you feel exhausted.

2. Your friend Tom always needs a favor. In fact, you have many text messages from him that start off with, "Hey! I need a favor..." Most favors include time away from your family and missing out on relaxing weekends by helping out Tom. Sometimes the favor may be to borrow your truck, a ladder, or even $50. Your items may even be returned damaged and the money you never see again. When you see a text from Tom, you feel exhausted.

3. Your sister Denise thinks you are her personal therapist. When she invites you over for some wine and "girl talk" that quickly turns into a counseling session with you listening to her talk about dating issues for 4 hours. During the week, she will call you to tell you that she thinks she found "the one" - then, the following week her heart is broken. She relies on you to pick up the pieces of her life and put them back together. Now when you think of Pinot Grigio mixed with Denise, you feel exhausted.

4. Your son Travis is involved in many school activities, including 3 sports: basketball, football, wrestling. He is also working towards his black belt in Karate. Even though he is 16, he doesn't want to drive, so you drive him to every game, practice, meet up, etc. You even have championships that take you out of state and summers filled with training and sports camps. You have told Travis that it would be good for him to take responsibility and start driving himself, or find a ride with a friend, but he insists that it has to be you! "Lucky charm" is what he calls you. When you think of driving Travis to one more game, you feel exhausted.

5. Your boss has promised a nice raise at the end of the year. Since January, he has piled on 3x the workload than you're used to. You've had to work overtime, skipping lunches, even some weekend days. He recently fired several people and now you are doing their jobs too! Your stress levels keep getting higher which filters into your life when you get home with your wife and 2 kids. When you think about going to work on Monday, you feel exhausted.

Sound Familiar?
These are 5 examples of people in your life that could well fit the term: Emotional Vampires (a.k.a. Energy Vampires). People that suck your energy dry while you're with them. They leave you emotionally & mentally exhausted. If you're an EMPATH this is much worse as you will even feel the emotions attached to these people which can range from anger to anxiety to depression."

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