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"It isn't easy these days finding ways to let go, yet there are so many ways to free ourselves from what constrains us or concerns us deeply. I don't mean to say, run away from reality, or what confronts us.

Yet, perspective is so beneficial. Taking time away from the sources of our discomfort, our worry, and from what upsets our inner calm is reasonable. We can only tolerate so much and it is healthy to know ways to dissolve the discomfort and worry. It is vital for us to know what works for our own well being. Once we discover what helps, we can obtain a true sense of calm.

So, what helps you? Is it nature? Taking time to connect with the songs of the birds, the strong, sturdy trees, the fresh mountain air, the fresh ocean breeze, the stillness of the lake...all these could be ways to nurture our inner well-being. I have found in my discoveries in the wild that I can obtain a true sense of calm, a true sense of love, and, thus, a true sense of well-being. I acknowledge that there are many places to find and discover inner calm. Sometimes, it is just listening to the sound of rain as we trail off to sleep. Sound can be therapy. If we don't have access to going into nature, then listening to the sounds of nature ( gentle waterfalls, rain fall, sweet birds singing, gentle waves breaking to shore, the sound of a stream or lightly flowing river, the beautiful, soft breeze of life; all can be so soothing).

Is it massage? Is it yoga? Is it meditation? Is it love? Is it prayer? Is it the truth of what provides you the inner calm that helps you navigate through these trying times? Finding and discovering that which provides and enriches the inner calm is nourishing on so many levels. My true hope is that you discover what provides you the most comfort & healthy nourishment. I am here to help if you would like more guidance in finding your inner calm. I recommend trying to let go and embrace all the techniques that resonate with your well being, with your ability to navigate and stay strong with a calm and healthy heart, mind, and spirit.

May we all have patience, love, compassion, and an openness to discover our paths to true wellness. Many of us need more communication, so please reach out to a friend, to me, to anyone that can connect you to to all the resources that collaborate to make you healthy, strong, and deeply beautiful."

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