How to Live a Good Life - Advice from Wise and Respected Persons

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Anthology of wise advice for living well from many books by experts and wise persons.
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"Principles, Rules, Essentials, Values, Virtues, Precepts, Recommendations, and Key Concepts for Right Living

Advice Regarding a Worthy Lifestyle
Adopting a Healthy and Wholesome Lifestyle
High Ideals, Models, Virtues, Key Factors
Suggestions for Developing Your Philosophy of Life
A High Quality Lifestyle Outlined
Core Values, Attitudes, Actions
Virtue Ethics

Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo
Valley Spirit Center, Fir Grove, Vancouver, Clark County, Washington, 2021

All such advice found below can be used by an individual for self-help, self-improvement, or for therapeutic purposes. Some of the healthy living recommendations are purely self-help, e.g., sleeping. However, most of the advice given below is clearly not just about you, fulfilling your desires, being successful in your business, finding a hobby to relieve your stress, managing your time, or solving your personal problems.

The wise outlooks and suggestions cited below rightly emphasize the needs and desires of other persons and right living in our social environments, healthy interpersonal relationships, responsibilities and obligations, Ideals, virtues, realism, creativity, traditional wisdom views, reflection, The Big Pictures, flourishing, service, guarded optimism, leadership, effort, humility, growing, dedication, respect for our planet Mother Earth, spirituality, constraints and limitations, thinking, inner life, courage, learning, hope, integration, etc.

This webpage emphasizes humanistic, philosophical, non-religious, non-authoritarian, pragmatic, progressive, scientific and secular viewpoints on how to live a good life. All non-religious persons can develop praiseworthy, viable, constructive, tolerant, open-minded, practical, serious, and valuable ethical and moral principles; and live a good life."

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