Hyperbaric Oxygen & Light

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Quoted From: https://www.nextlevelhealingusa.com/blog/our-mission-with-oxygen-and-light

"Come as you are

We"re not your average wellness center, nor are we just your local hyperbaric clinic. With a very unique vision and services offered, we"ve magically evolved into a space of healing, a place of hope and a sense of community; in a world of uncertainty and unpredictability. Our mission continues to be what we"ve always envisioned for our clients, to bring them comfort and a safe place to be themselves, no matter where they are on their journey to wellness. We also recognize that just because most of the world took a pause due to recent events, the lives of those who are suffering with unrelated health conditions shouldn"t be left behind, or ignored. Things like cancer, brain injuries, mental health, chronic pain and autoimmune conditions don"t just stop during a pandemic. With that being said, we"re here for you!

Our focus has been on our clients first, their environment and ongoing well-being. When you"re ready to invest in your health, we dive all in with you every step of the way!

With that being said, we"ve always believed in OXYGEN first and foremost when it comes to healing, prevention and anti-aging. The one nutrient that keeps us alive, happens to also have the power to heal us from the inside out. Oxygen is utilized by each individual cell in our body to create energy, repair tissues and function optimally. Breathing in fresh air on a continual basis, and keeping those oxygen levels up will activate your natural disease fighting mechanisms!

Systemic deprivation of oxygen down to the cellular level can wreak havoc on our system, our brain function and overall immunity. The long term effects can be disruptive and downright scary. A strong immunity also relies heavily on our top essential primal nutrients; from sunLIGHT to OXYGEN, to clean alkaline WATER and other nourishing vitamins and minerals produced by Mother Earth herself. The simple necessities of life are what we should be overdosing on during this time, and always! So BREATHE in that fresh air, move that body, get outside, bask in that natural sunLIGHT, connect with your neighbors and share some love!

Did you also know that while oxygen alone is a powerful substance, the magic is actually in the pressure? Henry"s Law states that any gas under pressure dissolves into fluid. Once the blood plasma (and other fluids) in your body is saturated with oxygen, it then goes on to promote healing in areas that may have been deprived of this miraculous and essential element. Oxygen is life!

Take your health to the NEXT LEVEL and strengthen your natural defenses through hyperbaric oxygen, light therapy, whole body vibration, IV therapy and more!"

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