Innovative Services NW Pediatric Therapy & Neurodevelopmental Center

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A nonprofit, serving Clark County since 1963, Innovative Services NW's mission is: "Creating opportunities. Achieving results. Changing lives!" Our services include Early Learning, Pediatric Therapy, Supervised Visitation, Janitorial, and Employment Services.
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"Appointment Innovative Services NW Pediatric Therapy has been selected by the Washington State Department of Health as one of the 18 designated Neurodevelopmental Centers (NDCs) in the state. NDCs provide therapy and related services to children with special health care needs who have or are at increased risk for chronic physical, developmental, or behavioral conditions. Innovative Services NW is the only designated NDC in Clark County. Neurodevelopmental Centers are community, non-profit organizations that provide outreach, evaluation, coordinated treatment planning, and specialized therapy to children from birth through age 20.

Innovative Services NW Pediatric Therapy & Neurodevelopmental Center will now be able to network with other NDCs statewide to share information and opportunities for training and education, assuring that the children and families we serve receive state of the art services and information. As an NDC, we will have the enhanced ability partner with other agencies, consult with a Medical Director and work with each family to help them navigate the health care system and coordinate each child"s care by offering specialized services that allow children to catch up in their development."

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