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"Yesterday marked the end of our 6-month program at The Healthy Weigh. I, like so many others during this covid-19 crisis, was disappointed that things weren"t how I wanted them to be.

I hoped to gather face to face with my community of friends who have spent the last 6 months working hard to heal; body, soul and spirit. I wanted to celebrate them and remember all they"ve accomplished. I wanted to hug their necks and tell them that I believed in them. I wanted to thank them for trusting me with their hearts. I wanted to say a proper good-bye. Instead, I filmed a video from home and touched base LIVE on Facebook for the close of our program.

That seems to be the theme in our world right now. We are all feeling disappointed. High school seniors aren"t getting to gather together for graduation, weddings are being postponed; memorial services aren"t taking place and much much more. As a nation, we are living with disappointment.

I couldn"t help but think, as I filmed my closing video and reviewed all we"ve learned over the last 6 months, that my friends at The Healthy Weigh have learned how to handle disappointment. In the last 6 months, we"ve learned to grieve and we"ve learned to rejoice. We"ve learned to let go of things we can"t control and we"ve learned to control the things we can. We"ve learned to cope well and we"ve learned to love ourselves tenderly. Those lessons couldn"t have come at a better time in history.

So although, we ended our 6-month journey differently than we"d planned, we are prepared to move forward and take one day at a time, doing the next right thing.

I couldn"t have hoped for a more beautiful group of people to share my life with over the last 6 months. I shared parts of my life story with them, and I was blessed to have them share their life stories with me as well. I hope it was as healing for them to share their stories as it was for me to share mine.

So as I write my last blog, closing up this 6-month program and closing out this group of people, I will never forget the bond and the love we shared while healing together body, soul and spirit.

I"ve got one more 6-month program to offer and I"m waiting, just as our nation is waiting, to see how that will unfold. For now, over hundred people have committed to spending the last 6 months of my career with me. We will start this process by "gathering" on social media, but we will make sure that the final six months we"re gathering face to face. I don"t want it any other way. I hope that others will join me for my last 6 months since there is more time for them to enroll now. It"s going to be a powerful program.

To all of you who spent the last 6 months with me, thank you, I love you and rememberyou have EVERYTHING you need to be healthy; body, soul and spirit, right inside of you. Of that, I am sure."

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