Massage and Craniosacral

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"Touch is healing. In my practice I use swedish massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, and other bodywork to support your wellness. I find that bodywork can help reduce anxiety, relax muscle tension, reduce pain, and even help release past trauma that has been "stored" in the body.

I use craniosacral therapy to help balance the nervous system to reduce mood swings, depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms. Craniosacral is a very gentle form of massage that is more about feeling the energy, micromovements, and coordination of the body than about digging out muscle knots with your elbows. I find craniosacral incredibly relaxing and many patients fall asleep on my massage table.

If you have been to years of therapy and feel like you are just going around in circles, doing bodywork can help you access trauma and emotions in a different way than talking and thinking does. Sometimes this different way of addressing trauma can help us get unstuck and start moving into healing."

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