Massage: What Can it Do for You?

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"Everyone knows massage feels good and reduces stress. Even a back rub from a friend can do wonders in making us take a deep breath and relax. But did you know massage can have other benefits to your health? Massage in Vancouver, WA can improve immune function by moving lymph around. The loosening of muscles improves range of motion and flexibility which help the body better resist injury. Massage can speed up healing after and injury or surgery. It can also help reduce pain. Massage has so many health benefit it is a great idea for everyone to try.
Improved Immune Function
The lymphatic system moves fluid between the body's organs and the blood system. As the lymph passes through the lymph nodes it is cleaned of pathogens and abnormal cells. The lymph is moved around the body by muscle contraction. Many people work in offices these days, where they do not get much exercise. This lack of muscles contraction means lymphatic fluid sits still. Not moving this fluid means the body's tissue is not getting cleansed. Toxins can build up, making a person feel even more lethargic and allowing infection to grow. During a massage this fluid is moved toward the lymph nodes where can be cleaned.
A person's blood circulation is aided during massage as well. A person relaxes and breathes deeply during a massage. Their blood and lymph are assisted in circulating through the body. This brings oxygen and nutrients to the organs where they are needed. Organ function is improved, which improves immunity and overall health.
Reduce Risk of Injury and Shorten Healing Time
Massage relaxes muscles. Areas where knots have formed are softened and smoothed out. When a muscle is relaxed the the joints and bones attached to it can move more freely and without restriction. Muscles that are too tight cause bones to be pulled out of place. That is often why a person goes to picks something up and suddenly gets a kink in his or her neck. Tight muscles can also get so tight they pinch nerves or cause certain motions to become painful to preform. Having a massage therapist keep muscles relaxed and limber makes it less likely for these kind of injuries to occur.
Massage can also help a person heal faster after an injury or surgery. Massage aids in moving fluid, or swelling, out of an area. Swelling makes healing take longer, so moving the fluid out of an injury site will speed up the body's progress. Massage also breaks up the formation of scar tissue. Scar tissue is less flexible so not allowing it to form will improve range of motion. Often after an injury or surgery a person is less active. This inability to move the injured area often causes the muscle to shrink. Massage helps to prevent this. By applying circulation, movement, and stretching massage keeps the injured area active and supple."

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