Mental Health in the Workplace

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*January of every year is Mental Wellness Month, and the suggested theme is mental health in the workplace! Employers Can PROMOTE Awareness About the Importance
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"Employers Can PROMOTE Awareness About the Importance of Mental Health and Stress Management. Workplace health promotion programs have proven to be successful, especially when they combine mental and physical health interventions.

The workplace is an optimal setting to create a culture of health because:

Communication structures are already in place.
Programs and policies come from one central team.
Social support networks are available.
Employers can offer incentives to reinforce healthy behaviors.
Employers can use data to track progress and measure the effects.

Action steps employers can take include:

Make mental health self-assessment tools available to all employees.
Offer free or subsidized clinical screenings for depression from a qualified mental health professional, followed by directed feedback and clinical referral when appropriate.
Offer health insurance with no or low out-of-pocket costs for depression medications and mental health counseling.
Provide free or subsidized lifestyle coaching, counseling, or self-management programs.
Distribute materials, such as brochures, fliers, and videos, to all employees about the signs and symptoms of poor mental health and opportunities for treatment.
Host seminars or workshops that address depression and stress management techniques, like mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditation, to help employees reduce anxiety and stress and improve focus and motivation.
Create and maintain dedicated, quiet spaces for relaxation activities.
Provide managers with training to help them recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and depression in team members and encourage them to seek help from qualified mental health professionals.
Give employees opportunities to participate in decisions about issues that affect job stress."

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