Neck Massage to Eliminate Headaches

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Treat yourself a neck massage to relieve tension and eliminate headaches. Learn how using therapy balls can relieve pain and increase range of motion.
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"Neck massages are blissful.

As much as it would be lovely to go see a professional massage therapist every week, it"s not very practical. So, how can you give yourself a neck massage to release all that tension?

If you suffer from headaches or just carry a lot of tension in your neck, learn how to use therapy balls to relieve pain and increase range of motion to better turn your head. Because you deserve a neck massage whenever you want it.

I highly recommend the Tune-up Therapy Balls featured in this video, as they can be used to roll out just about everywhere you have tension! But if you"re in need of a neck massage right now and don"t have these, you can use two racket or tennis balls something that has a little give to them. In other words, I don"t recommend using golf or lacrosse balls these are too hard and will probably end up giving you a headache!

So what are you waiting for? Go give yourself that much needed neck massage!"

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