New Colonoscopy Prep Tablet Approved by FDA

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The FDA recently approved a new colonoscopy prep tablet making it easier for patients as they prepare for colorectal cancer screenings and colonoscopies.
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"The FDA recently approved a new colonoscopy prep tablet that may make it easier for patients as they prepare for this colorectal cancer screening procedure. Until now, patients had to drink a gallon of a bad-tasting liquid to clean out the colon before the test, allowing doctors to complete a thorough evaluation. If you know anybody who has prepared for a colonoscopy, they likely remember this drink very well. Unfortunately, about one-third of patients usually don't drink all of the liquid prep, which means doctors may not have the best view during the screening.

The FDA approved a tablet alternative, SUTAB (sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, and potassium chloride), introduced by Sebela Pharmaceuticals. This tablet option makes colonoscopy prep a much easier process than before. It happens to be the first colonoscopy prep tablet introduced in the US in the past ten years.

Not only is this an alternative that may be a better solution for some people, but it may also make the difference in getting a colonoscopy screening at all. It's not a secret that some people simply put it off because of the prep work"s reputation. If you've been putting off a colonoscopy that"s been recommended by your doctor, perhaps this new prep tablet will encourage you to get it on the calendar. Here is more information about SUTAB to help you better understand its benefits.

How SUTAB Works for Colonoscopy Preparation
SUTAB is classified as an osmotic laxative that clears the colon. Of course, clearing the colon is essential for getting an accurate screening, and taking the tablet will provide the same results as drinking the liquid. But the tablet doesn"t require the long, and distasteful, process of drinking the liquid!

Taking the SUTAB tablets is simple. You'll be asked to take the pills by mouth starting the night before your scheduled appointment in what is called a "split dose." This phrase just means that you take half of the total dose to start the cleanse, and then the other half later to make the cleansing process a bit more tolerable and ensure that your colon is completely cleaned out before the exam. Research indicates that a split dose prep usually leads to a better cleanse.

SUTAB includes 24 tablets that must be taken before the colonoscopy. You must split it up into two doses of 12 tablets each. You start by taking 12 tablets the evening before the colonoscopy. The morning of the colonoscopy, you must complete the second dose of 12 tablets. The second dose must be taken two hours before your scheduled appointment.

Depending on the time of day that your appointment is scheduled, you may be able to eat a light breakfast or just a clear-liquid diet. Your doctor will provide more information about if you can eat breakfast or what foods or liquids you can have."

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