NW Speech Therapy

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NW Speech Therapy is a pediatric speech pathology private practice providing in office and online speech therapy to Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.
Quoted From: https://nwspeechtherapy.com/

"Know that building a childs communication skills improves their self-esteem and confidence.
Believe that a family centered approach to learning is the key to improving the overall success of the child.
Know that children learn best through play and exploration and strive to make all therapy sessions fun and interactive.
Believe that parents need to be given all the information available in order for them to make an informed decision about their childs care.
Understand that motivating parents to find the natural teachers within will ensure their childs continued improvement toward being successful communicators.
Know that every child has their own individual personality and aim to build goals and activities that ensures that childs success.
Believe that parents know their child the best, which makes their input the most important factor to effectively treating their child.
Understand that kids perform better in their more natural environments (daycare, school or home)."

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