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"Relationship Exercises Can Help
If your happily-ever-after is not the fairyland you thought it would be you may need help with improving your marriage. We hear a lot of stories from couples who have a marriage that is falling apart or on the brink of divorce. These couples are relationship exercises can helpin urgent need of answers to revive their relationship. This led us to make a list of relationship exercises for couples that will bring life back to your union.

Three Relationship Exercises for Your Marriage
1. Listening to Understand
Active listening is an essential communication exercise to do with your partner. This will help you and your teammate become better listeners, make it easier to talk about sensitive issues and you"ll have a deeper understanding of your spouse. You allow the speaker to talk without getting defensive. Periodically repeat what you understand and ask, "Did I get that right?" If the answer is yes, ask, "Is there more." If it is no, have the speaker repeat what you missed. Continue with this process until the speaker feels totally understood and has nothing more to say on the issue. Remember the job of the listener is to ensure the speaker feels totally understood. You do not have to agree with what is being said, just convey that you understand it.

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2. Using the "I" Statement
When communicating with your partner, using the "I" statement is a great way to express your needs/wants or discuss sensitive issues. By making your conversations about how you feel instead of pointing at your teammate, you take defenses down and your spouse will be more willing to listen. It is a good idea to prepare them for the I statement, because it is often a topic that may be hard to hear. Simply ask your teammate to actively listen to what you have to share.

For example, "I have something that is bothering me and I would like to share it, if this is a good time for you to hear it." "I get so frustrated when I see dirty clothes all over the floor instead of in the hamper, because I know they won"t get picked up unless I do it and I"m tired too after a long day."

This keeps the discussion about how you feel instead of blaming your partner. Now you partner knows who left the clothes on the floor, but by sharing your feelings and not blaming them, it makes it easier for them to "hear" what you are saying and potentially be more willing to do something about it."

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