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Learn about the sex addiction services provided by The Counseling Group. Find out how counseling in Vancouver, WA can change your life
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"Sex Addiction (SA) is a repetitive and intense preoccupation with sexual thoughts, urges and behaviors. It has been referred to as sexual dependency, sexual compulsivity, hypersexuality, or just out-of-control sexual behavior.

By any name, it"s a problem.

Not only does it feed shame and guilt for the addict, it causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and even one"s work environment. It can become so ingrained that it is essentially becomes the organizing principle of life to the point where it seems normal to sacrifice what is cherished most, to preserve what is unhealthy, selfish and hurtful.

Is this striking close to home?
Treating Sex Addiction
At The Counseling Group, you will be challenged to not only control and eliminate compulsive sexual behaviors in a task-oriented manner, but to also identify and repair underlying dynamics driving your addiction.

Addressing the former establishes sobriety; addressing the latter allows sobriety to be maintained.

During this second phase sometimes called "second order change" you will also learn to be more self-aware while exploring healthy and mature ways to "be". To put it another way, once the addictive preoccupation is under control there will be room to feel more comfortable in your own skin and more comfortable in relationships.

Are you finding that your secretive behavior is causing you great angst and seems to be spiraling out of control? Have you tried to deny that it"s a problem and, perhaps, even told yourself that you are not hurting anyone? Have you tried hundreds of times to stop to no avail?

Treatment Focus
The Counseling Group offers a unique, integrated approach to recovery from sex addiction. We"ve arrived at this after years of seeing addicts and partners independently find their own individual therapists who often have different and conflicting approaches to treatment. This can interfere with individual progress and greatly complicate the transition into couples" work.

We believe we have a better treatment model.

Our therapists provide compatible support and expertise to all three parties impacted by sexual addiction: the addicted individual, the betrayed and traumatized partner and the couple. Our therapists then work collaboratively to move each person through their process in preparation for a therapeutic full disclosure and follow-ups. A well prepared and timely disclosure is a foundational piece of early recovery for both the addict and the partner. We, as a group, plan this carefully. Once completed, couples" therapy can begin while individual work continues as needed. We have found that when both individuals and the couple are treated in this manner, there is a much higher likelihood for both freedom from the addiction and successful reconciliation."

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