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Evergreen Pediatric Clinic has been providing exceptional pediatric care to our community since 1979. We specialize in the care of well and sick children from birth through adolescence.
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"When your child is sick or injured, our nursing staff will facilitate scheduling a same-day appointment when needed, or offer home advice. Whenever possible, we try to schedule your child"s visit with his or her primary pediatrician. At the start of each clinic day, at least one pediatrician"s schedule is open for same-day visits. If your child needs to be evaluated by a pediatrician, we are here for you.

Should laboratory or radiology be needed, both of the Evergreen Pediatric Clinic offices are within steps of these services.

There are times when an Emergency Room (ER) is the most appropriate place for a child to be evaluated. However, it can be scary for children, time-consuming, and expensive. Our evening and weekend hours minimize the need for unnecessary urgent care and ER visits for our patients."

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