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"Stem Cell Treatment Q & A
What is stem cell treatment?
Stem cell treatment is a form of regenerative medicine. These cells have an incredible ability to develop into different cell types in the body. Because of this, stem cells can generate healthy cells and replace damaged ones to help alleviate pain, heal injuries, and revitalize diseased tissue.

What are the benefits of stem cell treatment?
The medical staff at Restoration Osteopathic Medicine uses evidence-based stem cell treatments to treat osteoarthritis, tendonitis, spinal conditions, rotator cuff injuries, or joint pains. Additionally, stem cell therapy helps to:

Reduce chronic pain
Decrease inflammation
Increase functionality and range of motion
Increase collagen
Speed up the healing process

Traditional approaches to pain management include steroids, invasive surgeries, and anti-inflammatory pain medication. Many times, those approaches don"t work, and they end up merely masking symptoms instead of fixing the problem at its source. This is why Restoration Osteopathic Medicine offers stem cell therapy so the body to heal itself naturally.

What can I expect during stem cell treatment?
The first step is for you to have a consultation with the doctor to discuss your pain levels, treatment history, and current options. If your doctor determines you"d benefit from stem cells, they can begin the treatment.

To begin, your physician starts by pinpointing exactly where your pain is originating. They then inject stem cells into those areas, allowing the cells to begin the healing process and lower inflammation levels.

The treatment only takes between 15-30 minutes, and you won"t need any downtime to recover. Generally, patients can experience results as soon as a few days but could take up to eight weeks to see the full results."

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