The Miracle Of Massage For Positive Mood And An Improved Emotional State

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"We all know how a good massage can make us feel relaxed and give us a better outlook on life. However, did you know that massage has amazing mood-boosting abilities that will improve your overall mental and emotional outlook in ways you did not think possible.

Serotonin is a brain chemical that regulates mood, and massage boosts the body"s natural ability to produce serotonin. This is especially useful for those suffering from depression, which is attributed to low levels of serotonin.

Massage is known to reduce the presence of stress hormones in the body, including cortisol and adrenaline. The reduction of these hormones leads to a host of positive mood changes for the person receiving regular massage therapy.

In one study, participants who received 6, 30-minute massages over the course of 2 weeks reported that they had a reduction in anger, sadness, and stress.

The American Massage Therapy Association has noted several studies that show how regular massage therapy can improve symptoms of several mood related disorders, such as anxiety, and depression, along with insomnia and chronic stress.

When massage therapy was combined with traditional medicine, it significantly improved treatment outcomes.
Consider how your outlook would benefit from improved flexibility and decreased healing time after an injury?

Well, massage therapy can do these things for you. In reality, massage can boost your mood by just improving your overall quality of life, with less aches, pains, and stress and more relaxation and its wonderful effects on your overall wellbeing and wellness."

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