Trauma and EMDR Therapy for Teens, Women and Men in Vancouver, WA

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We know you want to be free from what's holding you back! We are here to guide you to work through your fear, so you can learn to trust yourself and others again.
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"Are you confused by what is happening to you?
You are easily annoyed and anxious. You find that the most ridiculous things irritate you. You feel fearful and alone. Sometimes you even wonder if you will ever be free from these issues.

We get your feelings! We"ve been there personally and have heard these same feelings and experiences from many of our clients.

We know you want to be free from what"s holding you back! You want to have healthy relationships with loved ones! You want to enjoy life like you used to, or maybe for the first time in a long time.

Let one of us guide you from the confusion you might be experiencing to a more peaceful life!

How we can help you move past your trauma
As trauma therapists, we do this by helping you get down to "the roots" of your issues. We do this by guiding you to uncover who you were created to be.

We will look at your negative belief systems that keep you stuck in your unhealthy patterns. These negative beliefs are the lies you bought into because of the traumatic things that happened to you.

You see

Trauma comes with fear. And fear feeds on lies.
You might have had these or similar thoughts, go through your mind "I am all alone. I am not worthy. I am helpless. I am inadequate." That"s NOT who you were made to be!

Wouldn"t you want to believe wholeheartedly the truth about who you were created to be right from the start?

We want that for you!

Through personal and professional trial and error, we have stumbled on some proven methods that work.

We are trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapies that have been effective in creating lasting positive change for many people affected by trauma.

We will use these therapies to help you uncover the true you! YOU, aside from all the negative beliefs.

So that YOU can live your life to the fullest! So that YOU will live out your life"s purposes!

It takes tremendous courage to combat fear
You might be nervous about trauma therapy.

And we will be honest that the journey toward healing isn"t for the cowardly. It takes a bold act to admit that something is wrong with you and face the ugliness in your life that is a result of trauma.

In our work together, there will be no judgment and condemnation coming from us!

You will receive much encouragement and compassion from us along the way. As trauma therapists, we will create a warm safe space for you to confront whatever is in the way of getting where you want to be in your life."

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