Understanding The Purpose Of Neuromuscular Therapy

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"NMT, or neuromuscular therapy, is an exhaustive examination and treatment of the soft tissue throughout the body. NMT uses regionally oriented protocols and these are taught in a step-by-step method.
These techniques were built on scientific foundations and guided by evidence from clinical trials. It can be integrated into any setting and is often used in a combination with mainstream medicine, chiropractic care, and integrative medicine.

The Method

NMT also considers the factors that can be associated with the complaints of the client. If a client were presenting with shoulder pain, then the protocol for the primary examination would be the upper extremity protocol. Additionally, the muscles that cross the should joint directly, as well as the muscles that attach the torso and shoulder girdle would be thoroughly examined. This works to ensure the scapula is mobile.

Dysfunction in the hand, forearm, and arm can lead to compensation in shoulder movement, thus those areas would also be examined. Shoulder nerves exit around the cervical region of the spine, so muscles and neck mobility should also be considered, as a trapped nerve could be the root issue.

Other factors to consider would be posture, habits or use, emotional wellbeing, joint pathology, nutritional components, allergies, and other elements that may present as myofascial pain. An astute practitioner has a network of healthcare operatives to refer clients who may have other issues.

The majority of factors that result in pain and dysfunction are easily grouped into three categories, psychosocial, biomechanical, and biochemical factors. Generally, an NMT practitioner will apply the strategy from one category.

The principle of NMT is understanding what is causing the pain, whether it be posture, trigger points, or other issues, and how best that problem can be treated."

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