Vancouver Blood, Platelet and Plasma Donation Center

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5109 NE 82nd Ave ? Red Cross blood, platelet and plasma donation center. Schedule an appointment today 1-800-Red CROSS.
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"5109 NE 82nd Ave
Vancouver, WA 98662
Phone: 1-800-RED CROSS

Red Cells (WB & Power Reds)
Sun Closed
Mon 1:30PM - 7PM
Tue 1:30PM - 7PM
Wed 10:30AM - 4PM
Thu Closed
Fri 8AM - 1PM
Sat 8AM - 1:30PM

Apheresis (Platelets & Plasma)
Sun 7AM - 1:30PM
Mon 7AM - 1:30PM
Tue 11AM - 5:30PM
Wed Closed
Thu Closed
Fri Closed
Sat 8AM - 2:30PM

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