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PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a cyclical occurrence of symptoms associated with the female menstrual cycle. Its symptoms can range from mild, lasting only a day, to debilitating and lasting for up to 3 weeks of the month. It can become so severe as to disrupt your work environment and your family life. For some women PMS or PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) can completely destroy their quality of life.

Hope for PMS.
"My PMS became so bad that I didn"t even like myself. I felt like I could handle the depression part, but when I started yelling at my kids I felt terrible. I needed help and I found it at A Natural Choice. Dr. Boyd game me dietary suggestions along with an herbal support and the nutrients I was deficient in. I feel like myself again."

PMS, more than just your Hormones! >
The goal in helping you with your PMS is to first identify exactly what is causing your imbalance. Then we need to nourish your body, replace the missing nutrients, improve your intestinal and liver function, and balance your hormones naturally.

To identify your unique needs an extensive interview and physical evaluation are performed and then carefully chosen testing is decided upon based on you personalized needs. Here are some of the potential tests to identify your imbalances : salivary hormonal testing, serum nutritional deficiency testing, Full Body Scan, to identify main areas of bodily stress, serum thyroid hormonal assessments, salivary cortisol testing, and food sensitivity testing to name just a few.

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