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OUR MISSION To alleviate hunger and its root causes. Achieving our mission is done in two parts: providing emergency food relief to individuals and families, as well as implementing a preventative stance against the various causes of hunger. OUR VISION To inspire and grow a network of community health. Through our efforts, we hope to be a positive influence and provider for healthy lifestyles, professional growth, and opportunities to serve the community. OUR VALUES Compassion People come first. We act out of concern for others and seek to live selflessly. We respect those we work with. Enjoyment We are grateful. We like each other and the work that we do. We take our mission seriously, but enjoy the process. Collaboration We work together with shared values and programs for the good of the entire community, inspiring others to contribute. Integrity We tell the truth, are reliable and trustworthy, and are responsible with the resources given to us. Excellence We seek to be efficient and effective, not perfect, but always getting better. KEY PARTNERS Successfully pursuing our mission statement requires strategic partnering with other non-profits, private and corporate partners, as well as various other community organizations in the greater Clark County area. Our direct line of food distribution goes through over 40 partner agencies that provide a wide range of services to diverse clientele. Additionally, partnerships exist with other organizations including: Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Washington, Educational Opportunities for Children and Families, The Community Foundation for Southwest Washington, Washington State University extension, Youth Efforts Against Hunger, Juvenile Recovery Court, Vancouver Housing Authority, Rock Solid Teen Center, One Life, Adventist Community Services, North County Community Food Bank.

Clark County Food Bank is a regional food bank that distributes 8 million pounds of food and 6.7 million meals a year. We support 43 partners at 130 distribution sites, along with Food Bank led programs to serve the food insecure in our community. With over 100,000 hungry individuals in Clark County, the need is great, but we are here to help. Find out how you can help our community by giving your time, food, or other resources.
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