Keeping Your Kids Fit and Healthy

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"What is the first thing your kids do when they come home from school? Do they grab a snack and head for the TV or computer?

Eating too much and not being active can make kids too heavy. In the last 20 years, the rate of overweight kids has doubled. About 15% of kids ages 6-19 weigh too much. That means that nearly one out of every five kids is too heavy.

Young people who are too heavy have a greater risk of:

Heart disease
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Certain cancers.
Extra weight also puts a lot of stress on growing bones and joints. Being overweight plays a role in poor self-esteem and depression in kids, too.

Kids really do watch what you do. Habits they learn early follow them all their lives. Make sure your home is a place where they learn healthy habits.

Tips for Parents:
Be a good role model for your kids. Make sure you and your family eat healthy
Keep fewer sweets and high-fat snacks in your home. Have fruits and vegetables ready for when kids want to snack
Use 100% fruit juice in place of fruit juice drinks. A half cup is 1 helping
Give your child water instead of soda pop or fruit drinks
Use skim or 2% milk in place of whole milk
Do not force your child to finish the food on their plate if they are full
Do not use food as a reward. And do not withhold food to punish your child
Do not eat snacks or meals while watching TV
Try to get your child to be more active each day. You can join in on the fun! Go out walking or biking together, wash the car or do other chores as a team. Each child should get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day.
Please talk to your doctor if you think your child may weigh too much. The diet for all kids should be safe and full of good things for their growing bodies."

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