Meditation: Grounding Using your Earth Chakra

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"The goal is to keep you clear headed and give you a sense of belonging to Mother Earth. It"s a perfect meditation for those struggling with addictions or self-esteem/worth.

It should be practiced until you can ground yourself easily without thinking much about it.

Grounding yourself and working with your Earth Chakra can be done anywhere. On a pleasant day, my favorite place for this meditation is outside. I like to take my shoes off and plant my bare feet right on the ground. But you can meditate anywhere I"ve done it inside a moving vehicle!

This is a short meditation, usually lasting 10 to 12 minutes. If you would like, hold a dark-colored crystal or rock. The dark color represents Earth. Hold it in your left hand if you especially need to draw upon good energy. Hold it in your right hand if you feel a greater need to let go of negative energy.

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Grounding Using your Earth Chakra
Stand or sit comfortably with your back straight. If you choose to sit, you may do so in a chair or cross legged on the floor (or ground). If you choose to sit on the floor, use a sofa, wall or chair to support your back if you"d like. The point is to make yourself as comfortable as possible and how you do this may change from day to day.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Take your time.

Relax your shoulders and chest.

Relax your face.

Feel your shoulders gently and naturally dropping.

It"s getting much easier to breath.

Continue on, feeling this spirit of relaxation moving down your entire body, down and over your torso, hips, legs and feet.

You are deeply relaxed and close to the Earth.

Imagine your spine as a long and healthy root that extends deep down into the Earth. All the tiny nerves extending from your spine, the ones that relay information to and from you, are also on this root that is now deep in the Earth, seeking out in all directions and collecting what you need today, right now.

Imagine two more roots, equally strong yet different, growing from your legs, down through your feet, into the Earth.

Deeper and deeper your three roots grow.

Take a deep breath from the Earth.

Just as a lightning rod grounds electrical energy, if there"s anything you don"t need, allow it to discharge now into the Earth. Just let it go. The Earth can handle anything.

See any negativity absorbed, neutralized, purified and then recycled into good by the strong natural energies of the Earth.

Breathe deeply to take some pure energy that will replenish what you just let go.

Now, with your roots firmly and deeply grounded in the energy of the Earth, soak up the goodness by pulling it up through your roots. Allow it to soak back into your body.

Feel the Earth hold you and nourish you as its energy comes up through your roots and into your body.

Feel it filling you with healing light.

Strong, earthy, robust energy.

Feel held by the Earth.

Like a wonderful strong tree, know that you too are strong and that you"re fine.

Stay as long as you like.

When you"re ready, gently withdraw the roots back into you, but know you remain in constant, intimate contact with the Earth through the soles of your feet and your Earth Chakra."

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