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"During these turbulent times (on so many levels) many of us are anxious about what we can"t do, can"t control, can"t understand, or can"t fix. One of the benefits (!) of this chaotic time is that it allows and reveals the need for quiet down-time. Time to find the balance, reach for the antidote, and uncover the peace and light that is still in us. As my friend Myna said: "The alchemists of the middle ages wanted to turn base metals into gold, so they would heat the crucible to burn away the dross and reveal the gold. We, of the modern times can do the same, only our gold is more valuable."

So many people tell me that they"d like to sit and meditate . . . but they just don"t have the time or discipline or they think it is too difficult. No.
Now is our time to experience beautiful "Soulitude." This is our invitation to reconnect with and embrace our own quiet Sacred Center. This is not about thinking, striving, or working hard at something. Sit quietly and open your heart (not your mind) and spirit. Never forget that what "What you seek is seeking you." The Light within has never let us go and never will.

Here"s what Edwina Gately wrote about this simple and profound act:

Just in this act of sitting
Receptive and still
Just in the desiring to prayis the moment of grace.
Just in the small attention given to letting go . . .
Is the dying itself.
For God delights in my desiring
And is content with my restlessness.
God sits with my nothing,
Gently loving mein it all."

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