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"Telehealth is a hot topic. Although its recent rise is partially linked with the decline in in-person visits during the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth has in fact been heralded as the "next big thing" in healthcare for more than a decade. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has announced its commitment to advancing the use of remote technologies in the sleep field to improve access to high-quality care.

Sound Sleep Health is excited to announce that we now offer convenient telehealth video appointments and at-home diagnostic services for our existing patients as well as for new patients.

How Telehealth Is Transforming Sleep Medicine
Before you can begin a treatment program, a physician must first make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. This process typically includes two steps. First, you visit a clinic for a consultation in which you discuss your symptoms and challenges. Then, you participate in a sleep study that helps your physician observe your current sleep patterns. Many sleep disorders can only be correctly diagnosed with a test like this because the symptoms only occur when you"re sleeping.

Traditional sleep testing takes place in a medical facility. The lab is designed to look like a hotel room and is kept dark, quiet and temperature-controlled to make it comfortable for sleeping. A sleep technologist attaches sensors to the patient that remain on until the patient wakes, monitoring biological signals like airflow, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

The sleep medicine field was an early adopter of remote technologies. In addition to in-lab studies, we also offer home sleep studies. At-home sleep studies allow patients to undergo testing in familiar surroundings, when they are more likely to act and sleep naturally. It is also a more cost-effective and time-efficient way to conduct a sleep study.

Now, with the widespread adoption of telehealth practices, patients are not required to have face-to-face visits for sleep evaluations. Every step of the process from the consultation, to the test, to the follow-up appointments can be done remotely.

The Benefits of Telehealth and At-Home Sleep Testing
We love seeing our patients in the Sound Sleep Health offices, but we also know that isn"t the right option for everyone. Adding telehealth video appointments to our services has multiple advantages for patients that we"re thrilled to be able to offer.

It"s Accessible
Don"t live near our Kirkland or Seattle clinics? Don"t have access to transportation? With remote appointments, you never have to worry about where we are or how you"re going to get there. You can speak to our experienced providers easily from anywhere.

It"s Comfortable
There"s no need to visit a specialized facility for a consultation or a sleep study. For patients who find in-lab sleep testing obtrusive or unsettling, or who don"t sleep well when away from home, this is a game-changing development.

It"s Convenient
Modern life is all about flexibility. At-home sleep testing can be done over several nights, decreasing the chances of missing something important. Testing in our state-of-the-art facility is only necessary if we require more detailed information.

It Saves Time
Even with your favorite album or podcast playing, commuting is never fun. Sleep evaluations from home eliminate the need for tedious traveling, so you can reduce the stress on your busy schedule and use that time for more exciting things."

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