Why do I have Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue

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People have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because they have a combination of contributing factors. Factors include toxicity, infection, and more
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"I Call this section "Old Stuff" because the information it contains has been dealt with over and over again in many of the books that have a handle on FM/CFS. People have FM/CFS because they have a combination of a number of contributing factors. This section is a review of the following for some, but may be new for others. These factors are: toxicity, infection of some kind, organs and glands are malfunctioning, and inability to handle stress.

Lifestyle and personal habits play a tremendous role in the direction that your health takes. Let"s examine some of the lifestyle habits that would adversely affect your health.

This is not news to anybody, especially if you"re a smoker. Basically inhaling smoke into your lungs adds to the amount of toxins that your body has to get rid of. Smoking causes free radical damage to the lungs, which spreads to other parts of the body. Smoking decreases the ability of all the cells in the body to carry oxygen. Since oxygen is necessary for every function in the body, a lack of oxygen will have a cumulative, destructive effect. I know smokers can"t read because all of the effects are written in bold print, with graphic pictures on cigarette packages, therefore, there is no need to say more about smoking because they don"t read it anyway.

"Only one product kills of the people who use it". Ripley"s Believe It or Not

Again, everyone knows of the hazardous effects of drinking too much alcohol. Excess alcohol is very toxic to the liver and must be eliminated. Persistent overloading of the liver leads to destruction of the liver. This is called cirrhosis, which ultimately increases the level of toxins building up in the body causing a multitude of other symptoms. Alcoholics are notorious for having an unhealthy diet as well.

Eating Only Cooked Food
Any food that is heated over 110 degrees has all of its enzymes destroyed. Therefore, if you"re only eating cooked food, your enzyme bank is being depleted at a continuous rate. Everybody begins life with a reserve of 70 years of enzymes in the pancreas. It is similar to a bank account, if you continually withdraw from this bank account of enzymes at age 70 you will run out of enzymes and your body start to deteriorate rapidly. The body starts stealing enzymes from other parts of the body to compensate. The time to be concerned about your enzyme level is now, not at 70 when the problems start to show.

Junk Food
It is always interesting to me to observe what other people have in their shopping carts at the grocery store. I can tell what kind of health problem and individual will have by the type of food they consume. Some shopping carts are loaded with processed foods laden with white flour, sugar, hydrogenated fats that are laced with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. Our bodies have to make living tissue from the food we eat. Junk food with little or no nutrition will produce unhealthy cells that are not capable of producing very much energy.

Food Preparation
The faster and easier it is to prepare food the more popular that method is today. I will cover microwave cooking in the next chapter. Food that is over cooked on the barbecue for instance, can be very detrimental to your health. If it"s turned black don"t eat it because anything that"s burned, which happens frequently on the barbecue, is a mass of free radicals."

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