Dying of the Dream

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The dying of the dream

The destruction of what seemed to be true,

The vision of our lives constructed from what we knew

Is no longer.

Uncertainty stands in its stead.

The world we knew is dead.

The dying of the dream

Hopes and plans woven in our minds

Infused with our hearts

Rooted and planted with the toil of our hands

Slipping through fingers like drying sand

Taken by the wind and scattered to the sea

Witnessing slowly the dying of the dream

We cannot stop it,

but we have a choice in how it dies

how tightly we clench our fingers

how tightly we close our eyes

how tightly we hold to those we love

how freely we release the mourning cries

The dying of the dream

Our dreams are dying together

We can free our hands from holding sand

And hold each other

We can choose what fills that space

When the space has been cleared

We can dream a new dream

When love absorbs grief absorbs fear.

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